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The Lawn Rescue Squad (LRS) emerged out of the Australian Lawn Fanatics. The boys had been doing their own backyard renovations for years on both their own patch and helping out mates with their patches. When the southeast Queensland lawn fanatics (where the #auslf was born) started sharing pictures and renovation tips with each other the requests for the lads to do renovations for others became so strong that they decided they better do it properly, so the Lawn Rescue Squad was created. Over the last few years, the list of services, and size of the equipment has grown but the LRS has stayed true to the same game plan. To help you “achieve your lawn goals”.

The LRS is not just 2 guys, we draw on the skills and knowledge of many professionals in the turf industry. From turf research scientists to agronomists, greenkeepers to groundsman and sports turf managers. That’s a huge amount of experience and knowledge that others just can’t match.

The LRS isn’t just a dethatch and aeration service, we offer everything to help you dominate your street. From scarifying and top dressing, to soil testing and interpretation, lawn pest control, fertiliser programs, soil amendments and disease and weed management. The Lawn Rescue Squad is your complete lawn service.

Services Offered




Top Dressing

Soil Amendments

Soil Testing

Test Interpretation

Fertiliser & Maintenance Programs

Lawn Pest Management & Prevention

Lawn Disease Treatments

Weed Eradication

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